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The Hard Rock Café Organisation owns more than 64000 pieces of genuine souvenirs by now:
Guitars, costumes, golden and platine records, posters and many other things. As there was not enogh room to show all these items, a museum - i.e. a vault - was opened in Orlando recently. Unfortunately the museum did not have a success. It was closed in September 04.

The Vault in ORLANDO had a large entrance hall, 6 roomes, partitioned after topics (Intro/Back Alley/The Dressing Room/Psychedelic Meltdown/The Light and The Dark/The King's Chamber. Additionally there was further areas with posters (The Hungry Eye), a "roots room" in honour of the first Rock Stars and a chronologically arranged exposition of the development of audio technology.

The vault in LONDON consists of only one room (2002), the entrance is situated inside the shop. There is a tour about every 20 minutes.


Vault London

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Vault Orlando

 Orlando  USA (Florida)
 closed 29. September 2004
 London  England
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