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On the other hand there are many "Renegade" HRC which do not belong to the Rank Group or HRC International. Nevertheless they use the same logo. Most of them have been opened before the Rank Group took over the label. The HRC Frankfurt for instance was the second HRC after London when it opened in february 1978. Like many other HRC in the world it does not belong to the official chain. By now I have visited two of these HRC. I think that even if they do have a certain attractivity, they are just not the same. Except for the logo and some of the merchandise items they have nothing in common with the "real" HRC. Look at the photographs and form your own opinion.

Frankfurt 2003
Frankfurt 2003
Frankfurt 2003
Frankfurt 2003
Heidelberg 2003
Heidelberg 2003
Ayia Napa 2001
Mykonos 2001
Mykonos 2001
Mykonos 2001
Mykonos 2001

 Land  Bemerkung
 Amsterdam  Netherlands  closed february 1999
 Athen  Greece  closed
 Ayia Napa  Cyprus  closed september 2003
 Bochum  Germany  closed
 Chersonissos  Kreta  closed?  
 Ching Mai  -  closed?  
 Formentera  Spain  closed october 1st, 2009  
 Frankfurt  Germany  closed ca. august 2007
 Heidelberg  Germany  
 Johannesburg  Südafrika  closed Januar 2003
 Larnaca  Cyprus  closed September 2003
 Mombasa  Kenya  
 Moscow  Russia  is an official Cafe now.
 Mykonos  Greece  closed
 Nairobi  Kenya  
 Paros  Greece  closed
 Protaras  Cyprus  closed september 2003
 Rhodes  Griechenland  closed september 2003
 Saigon_address  Vietnam  
 Sao Paulo  Brasilia  closed
 More Cafes should exist in Alice Springs / Budapest / Lanzarote / Mallorca / Mombassa.
 But I don't have appropriate confirmations.
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